Safety Information

Cellular Phones
Whitfield General Care Hospital is a Cell phone friendly hospital. Cell phone use is allowed in most areas. Look for the signs indicating where cell phones are restricted.

Electrical Equipment
The use of personal electrical appliances is not allowed in the hospital. This is in accordance with hospital electrical and fire safety standards. In special cases approval may be received from Administration. Equipment will be checked for safety by the hospital's Engineering Department. Discuss your need to use electrical equipment with your nurse.

Fire Safety
We routinely hold fire drills ("Code Red") in the hospital. If you are on your patient care unit when you hear the alarm, please return to your room and keep the door closed. If you are elsewhere in the hospital, stay where you are until the "all clear" is given. Staff will tell you if any other action is needed.

Identification Badges
We require that hospital staff, medical staff and volunteers all wear HRH photo identification badges at all times. If you see any suspicious activity or person, have lost any personal items or have a security concern, please call switchboard (dial "0") and ask for security. You can also notify a staff member.

Latex Products and Balloons
Many people have a sensitivity or allergy to latex so latex products or balloons are not permitted in the hospital. If you have a latex allergy, please tell us when you are admitted. Foil or mylar balloons are acceptable.

Pets are not permitted at Whitfield General Care Hospital. Seeing-eye dogs, hearing dogs and dogs used for therapy are the exceptions.

Smoking is prohibited anywhere on Whitfield General Care property, including parking lots, entrances and exits. Formerly designated smoking areas are closed at all three WGCH sites. Anyone wishing to smoke is required to leave hospital grounds.

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