Our Mission, Vision and Values

Our new Strategic Plan, centred on our renewed Mission, Vision and Values Statement, was released on October 23, 2012. Over a year in the making, it involved direct consultations with patients and more than 1,300 Humber River staff, physicians and volunteers inside our organization. Outside the hospital, over 1,000 members of our local community were directly consulted as part of the review process.

Through those consultations we learned a lot about ourselves. We learned what we were doing well, and, frankly, where we were doing not so well. But through that critical review process, Humber River rededicated itself to its patients, its community and to each other.

We reaffirmed our pledge to treat patients as partners in their treatment: to give them a voice; to give them respect; and to give them the care and caring they deserve at all times. We committed to continuing our transformation to a Workplace of Distinction, one where all are respected and valued. We will be the place others want to join. All this as we continue to build the finest hospital facility in Canada, a place we will all be proud to call home.
Together we celebrated the release of our new Strategic Plan by announcing that from now on we are Humber River Hospital. It is a name that salutes a proud history, and recognizes that we are now making a wider impact. With that new name came a new look - a new logo and our new brand statement: Patient Care Reinvented.

Patient Care Reinvented symbolizes the commitments we make to patients, families, community and each other, a commitment to patient centered care. It reminds us of our shared vision: Reinventing patient care, optimizing health in our community.

Founded on our values of Compassion, Professionalism and Respect (CPR), Patient Care Reinvented informs all of our daily activities. It is widely promoted throughout the community; as a result patients and visitors come through our doors with high expectations of a positive experience. Our challenge - our obligation - is to meet those expectations.
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