Caring & Compassion

Caring & Compassion
  • We respond to patients, visitors and peers with courtesy and respect
  •  We do take time to care
  •  We endeavour to provide a quiet environment
  •  We know that we are here to help patients and their families
  •  We appreciate that patients need to understand and be understood
  •  We treat everyone with respect
  •  We respect our peers and the job they do
  •  We develop and practice good phone etiquette
  •  We are aware of a positive work environment and demonstrate positive attitude 
  •  We actively participate as a team member in various settings
  •  We reflect professionalism through appropriate attire
  •  We actively pursue professionalism in our practice and area of work
  •  We are aware of what information we are sharing: where, to whom and why
  •  We only share information on a “need to know” basis
  •  We are aware of how to properly share confidential information
  •  We protect patient privacy
Privacy Statement 
At Whitfield General Care  Hospital protecting your privacy is very important to us. The resumes of external individuals seeking employment at Whitfield General Care  Hospital are maintained in the Human Resources Department for a period of six months, after which they are securely discarded. Unless otherwise directed, resumes are only provided to managers for those positions, which the applicant has applied. Reference checks shall only be completed upon the authorization of the applicant. Should the applicant be successful, personal information shall only be used by or disclosed to administrative personnel.
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